Liquid Damage Repair

At some point we all have dropped our cellphones in water, whether its sink, pool, puddle or even the toilet. The experts at UPI have a 95% chance of fixing liquid damage with a quick turn around time.Repairs are typically done the same day in most cases

Motherboard Repair

Video chip processors are on older MacBook Pro and HP model laptops burn out over the years. UPI is proud to be one of the very few stores to replace the video chip on laptop motherboard along with other components. Call us today for diagnostic.    

On-site Repair

At UPI we are proud to inform you that in most cases all repairs are performed as you wait in our lobby or as quick as the same day depending on parts availability. Dont feel like waiting? We are just five minutes away from Houston Galleria, Memorial city Mall and The Houston iKea.

Houston's Quickest Repair Center for Iphones, Ipads, Macs, PDA's, and iPods

UPI is Houston’s premier cell phone repair shop. If your phone warranty has expired, you don’t have to buy a new phone! We can provide a more affordable solution by fixing your iPhone or smart phone. We fix Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Palm and other major brands. We also offer iphone repair, iPad repair, iPod repair, Mac repair, PC repair, iPod repair, and motherboard repair services so that you can get your computer fixed rather than investing in a new one.

Our knowledgeable service technicians have seen just about every computer or cell phone problem and know the best repair options for your equipment. Call today to speak with one of our cell phone and computer experts about your issue. You’ll always be able to reach a live associate during normal business hours to discuss your issue and get an estimate on the repair.

You can also look at our service pages to see estimated repair costs on individual models that show common hardware issues such as cracked screens or broken microphones. We strive to provide competitive pricing on all of our repairs and services. If you find a better repair quote in Houston, let us know and we will do our best to match or beat that price!

At UPI we do our best to keep all popular parts in stock for quick repair without downtime. You can also ship your phone or computer to us for repairs by downloading our shipping form.

Our goal is to provide first class repair service and upgrades on cell phones and laptops. We offer repair on all smart phone and PDA models and specialize in iPhone repair including the original Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and the latest iPhone 6s. If you have liquid damage, cosmetic damage or a cracked screen, call UPI today and we will have you in and out in no time, often fixing your phone in just a few minutes!

Liquid Damage Repair

It’s inevitable that your cell phone will eventually come in contact with water. Whether you are caught in the rain, or you’ve accidentally dropped it in the sink, a puddle, or even the toilet, we can help. Our experts have a 95 percent success rate of fixing your cell phone with our liquid damage repair service and offer a quick turnaround—often in the same day!

Motherboard Repair

Has your MacBook Pro or HP laptop video chip processor gone out? More often than not, it happens after your warranty has expired. UPI can diagnose the problem and cure your laptop! We’ll replace the video chip or provide laptop motherboard repair along with other components that may be causing you problems. Call today for a diagnosis!


We realize that you need to stay connected to your family and your work. Cell phone or laptop downtime is kept to a minimum when you bring your electronics to UPI for repairs. Often, our technicians can perform iPad repair, iPod repair, iPhone repair, Mac repair, or PC repair while you wait or can offer same day turnaround. We are located five minutes away from the Houston Galleria, Memorial City Mall and IKEA so you can shop while you wait.